Handl Tyrol

We invite you to 'live like the Tyrolean'!

We invite you to 'live like the Tyrolean'! An invitation from HANDL TYROL, which masterfully combines a range of culinary offerings with a longing for the ideal world and Tyrol's unspoilt natural environment.

And not least Tyrol's hearty cuisine with its legendary Tyrolean Ham. HANDL TYROL is the original Tyrolean speciality brand that allows you to experience a real part of Tyrol at any time - and anywhere.

Every HANDL TYROL product contains a piece of Tyrol. Which means that choosing HANDL TYROL means “live like the Tyrolean”. At least for a few savoury moments.

You will know why it is worth “living like the Tyrolean” - at least on a culinary level - when you smell the wonderful aroma of an original Tyrolean Marend.