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The Tyrolean Marend - a part of Tyrolean culture

It is a unique feature of the Tyrolean way of life and the best symbol for a long-standing tradition of enjoyment: The Tyrolean Marend, an in-between snack for late afternoon or early evening.

As suggested by the word itself, it stands for the rugged sincerity of the Alpine people, paired with a sense of cheerfulness. Marend is not generally enjoyed alone, but with friends or guests for a cosy get-together. At home with your family, or up in the mountains and meadows.

Above all, a proper Marend consists of a good-quality and richly matured piece of Tyrolean ham PGI. It is cut into thin strips or cubes with a sharp knife on a wooden cutting board, with each version providing a different taste experience, as connoisseurs well know. And let's not forget the crusty coarse rye bread, Tyrolean mountain cheese and a Bergwurz Sausage (uncooked sausage). And last but not least, a proper Tyrolean Marend would not be complete without a shot of original Tyrolean "Obstler" (fruit schnapps).